Security and Safety

Monthly Crime & Safety Reports


MUD 450 is under contract with Harris County Precinct 4 Constables to conduct patrols and 24/7 response for Waters Edge, The Pointe, and The Parkway residents.

For Non Emergency & Emergency call: (281) 376-3472

While the residents can still call 911, there should be a quicker response time by calling the Constables Dispatch center directly at: (281) 376-3472

What is It?

The Constable Patrol Program (or Contract Deputy Program) offers MUD 450 residents dedicated law enforcement. The program provides 24/7 response and dedicated deputies assigned to patrol our streets. The assigned deputies will be familiar with our community, children, and district activities. In turn, the residents will get to know the deputies and create a safer and more informed community. This program is in addition to current law enforcement offered in the district.

Community Education

MUD 450 works with Precinct 4 constables and residents to offer communication and education regarding the Constable Patrol Program.

Questions about the program?

General questions about the MUD450 Patrol Program? Please contact MUD450.

Specific requests, comments, questions, or complaints?

Contact Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman’s office, or find a link to a specific form below: