What is a MUD?

Harris County MUD 450 (the “MUD”) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, similar to the City of Houston and Harris County. It has limited governmental functions, related to the provision of water, wastewater, drainage and recreational services.

The MUD does not own or operate the water and sewer lines, or bill and collect for water or sewer services, which are the functions of the City of Houston. Water leaks and other maintenance are the responsibility of the City. The MUD does not currently maintain the roads or walls, and does not deal with garbage, streetlights.

Board of Directors

Robert Stegall, President (Term Expires: 5/6/2028)
Lindsey Rose King, Vice President (Term Expires: 5/2/2026)
Laurie Washington, Secretary (Term Expires: 5/2/2026)
Xavier Guerra, Assistant Vice President (Term Expires: 5/2/2026)
Walter BisCamp, Assistant Secretary (Term Expires: 5/6/2028)


The District is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, created by order of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”), on February 13, 2007, and operates pursuant to Chapters 49 and 54 of the Texas Water Code, as amended. The District contains approximately 337 acres of land and is awaiting consent from the City of Houston to annex approximately 61 acres of land within its boundaries.

The District is located approximately 18 miles northeast of the central downtown business district. Approximately 21 acres within the District’s boundaries are within the extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City of Houston. The balance of the District is located within the corporate limits of the City of Houston and the entire District is within the boundaries of the Humble Independent School District. The District is bounded on the east by Lake Houston and is bisected by West Lake Houston Parkway, and is approximately four miles northeast of the intersection of East Sam Houston Parkway North and West Lake Houston Parkway.

District Map

District Map (PDF)